University of Cincinnati student Chris Dames has been working with HONK through the Homes for All AmeriCorps construction program for close to a year now. Take a look at what Chris had to say about the most valuable lessons that he has learned so far and what the AmeriCorps enrollment program has meant to him up to this point!  

“One of the biggest takeaways that I have gotten from my AmeriCorps enrollment is the skill of tiling a bathroom – from laying the tile to finishing it with grout, I have always been amazed by the finished result accomplished by many professionals. Considering this, I will walk away feeling very proud to have acquired that skill.

I have truly enjoyed every minute that I’ve spent at HONK, and I greatly appreciate everything that the people here have done for me so far! Each and every person has provided me with something valuable that I can walk away with because of this AmeriCorps enrollment – and this has come in the form of advice, friendship, and mentorship.

I would most definitely recommend the AmeriCorps + HONK construction program to absolutely anyone. I came in with almost no experience at all and everyone at HONK has been more than pleased to help me out along the way – from teaching me new skills entirely, or simply providing tips, advice, or methods to better perform tasks.”